Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is

eTicketing.My is a leading-edge source solution that provide one stop ticketing solution and reservation for transportation industries throughout online system which accessible by consumer over the internet.

How to check trip for each listed coach?

Go to, click EXPRESS , insert your origin, destination, choose one way or return ticket, how many pax that will board this coach, date of depart and return ( incase you need return ticket) and click SEARCH.

Why I cannot get certain searched schedules from the website but when I call the counter they said the particular trips are still available for sales?

Some trips are not opened online but offline are available, then you need to go to the coach counter to buy them.

Can I choose my seats?

Yes, most express bus’s website allow you to select your preferred seats. Seat selection is based on first-come-first-served basis.

Can I change or cancel my ticket after purchasing from online?

No, the ticket is NOT refundable, changeable or returnable once purchased.

What if I don’t get my Boarding Code after purchasing the ticket?

Wait for 15 minutes – 20 minutes. If you still haven’t received any email please directly call 1-300-88-842538 AND email to our helpdesk

Should the child require a seat?

Any child who is 2-year old and above has to buy his/her own seat ticket.

Online Ticket Purchase

How can I purchase bus ticket?

To purchase bus ticket, first you must go to Inside, there have a list of bus operator that offer online ticket. Choose which ever bus that you want to use and follow this step to purchase their bus ticket:- Choose where your departure location and destination from the website. Choose the departure date. Choose the number of tickets required for seat selection and payment transaction.

How can I get a coach ticket/invoice after booking a seat online?

After buying online at, you will receive an order summary via email from us. This order summary will serve as the e-ticket/invoice too and you need to change at the counter for a an actual ticket on the departure date.

Can my friend buy the coach ticket for me?

Yes, your friend can buy the ticket for you. He/she just have to fill in your particulars in the passenger’s details section.

How long before the actual departure date can I book my ticket?

Ticket is open for sales usually 2 – 6 weeks in advance. But it also depends on bus operator’s policies.

Online Payment

How do I pay when purchasing or booking from online?

You can choose to pay by: FPX – or, Web cash – Members card, Credit card – VISA or MASTER

How many transactions can I make using my credit card?

You are allowed a maximum of 2 (TWO) transactions per credit card per day. If you have two credit cards, then you can make 4 transactions. However if you’re using online banking service, you can make as many transactions as your balance in your bank account allows.

What should I do if I realized that I had purchased the wrong ticket(s) after the payment process has been completed?

Please check the details of your transaction before pressing the [ACCEPT] button on the ““Terms & Condition”” box to confirm. You are not allowed to cancel the purchase or change movie/show time/seats once you press the [PAY] button to proceed with the payment process.

Ticket Collection

How do I collect my tickets?

After you done the transaction, you are given a ‘Boarding Pass/ e-Ticket’. Please print the ticket purchase confirmation and present the boarding code together with your identity card at bus operator counter.

Can my friend collect ticket for me?

Yes, as long as your friend represent the Boarding Code during the ticket collection.

About Bus Express

Will the coach wait for me if I turn up late?

Our coaches will leave on time and cannot wait at the expense of other passengers. Please turn up at least 30 minutes before departure.

Would there be stops made along the journey?

Usually the coaches will stop one or two times along the way for toilet or refreshment break depends on the length of the journey. Sometime for trip less than 3 hours the bus will not stop for a break. If you have any urgent matter to have the coach to pull over you may just tell the driver.

What are the contact numbers of each coach operator?

Please refer to our Bus Operator’s page.

How do I check in my luggage? Luggage size? Additional charge for luggage?

Maximum 15kg (60cm x 20cm x 55cm), you may put your luggage at the luggage compartment below the coach or above your seat. It is your responsibility to ensure that your luggage is loaded onto the coach that you are boarding.

Can I smoke on board?

The coaches are all non-smoking coaches.